Project Libra

A visual novel where you play an attorney to save the day!

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Solve murder mysteries!

As a newly graduated attorney, you are assigned hopeless murder cases to defend. Will you be able to save your clients?

Play as Ace as he starts working as a defense attorney at Drake Law Offices.

Help an intriguing cast of characters as they are being accused of murders you believe they haven’t done. Investigate the leads and highlight lies and deception. Who can you trust?

Will you be able to reveal the truth?

Gameplay elements

Defend your clients in open court and save the day

To them, their case is already shut and sealed. You are their only hope!

Investigate to find more evidence to support your case

Explore the crime scenes and challenge the findings of the police force!

Challenges witnesses on their lies

Present evidence to confront their testimonies against your clients!

Confront your own assumptions to find the truth

Keep your eyes keen for those who would profit from your ignorance!

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